There's nothing worse then a warm glass of beer, wine, even a mixed drink. Well now, finally, there's a way to get your beverage of choice chilled just the way you want it.

It's called the "Chilled Drink Calculator", it was invented by a physicist, and it's based on Newton's Law of Cooling. It actually seems like it's pretty accurate.  You just have to enter a few things like the type of booze your chilling, whether it's in a can or bottle, it's current temperature, room or chilled, how your planning on chilling it, fridge, or freezer, and how cold you want it.

Once you enter that stuff, the calculator spits out a number, so for example if you enter a can of Bud Light, at room temperature, it will tell you how long to keep it in the fridge to hit an ideal temp of 43 degrees. I did this one, and it should take about 40 minutes to chill it the way you want.

Let's say you have a bottle of champagne, and you want it at a temp of 48 degrees. I did this one too for you, and according to the "Chilled Drink Calculator" it will take 2 hours and 24 minutes to hit 48 degrees.

So say goodbye to the warm beer, wine and liquor, with the "Chilled Drink Calculator" your now at the next can thank me later, cheers.