As we prepare for the worst of the storm, Bethel Police have been preparing for it with some help from the one and only Weather Channel Meteorologist, Jim Cantore.

Pictured with Jim above is Officer Tom Butkier, but it was late last night when Bethel Police Captain Stephen Pugner noticed that Jim Cantore was broadcasting from Bethel live. He joked that he wasn't the only one in the department that was really hoping to see Weather Channel Meteorologist, Stephanie Abrams, but was nonetheless happy for Bethel's brush up with Mr. Cantore.

Jim Cantore is from Beacon Falls, Connecticut, and is one of the best at breaking down complex weather events for audiences, helping viewers through storms like this one.

During snow storm Quinn, the Bethel Police Department advises us to stay home and off the roads today, but we can watch the weather channel for updates, and of course listen to KICKS 1055 in the background.

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