According to a report from the News Times citing a study from the University of Toledo in Ohio, Fairfield County is the most active in the nation on the popular cheating website, Ashley Madison.

It was widely reported that the Ashley Madison website had been hacked last year. The information now available from the hack was disseminated by two students at the University. The results show that Faifield County, CT had more active users per 1,000 from ages 18-79 in America.

I spoke about to my partner about this, he said he was not surprised. He theorized that because of the wealth in the county and because people were healthier, better looking, and more avid travelers, that they were provided with more opportunities to have affairs. I don't know if I agree with that. I mean, people from all backgrounds cheat. It's not a nice thing to do, but happens in every corner of our society.

What I do know is that getting caught cheating is one thing, but getting caught cheating using this site is another. That is worse than just falling for someone else by accident. The fact is, you are searching for an affair somewhat indiscriminately. You are basically admitting you were actively hunting for some side action. That is the kind of thing that will get your car keyed for sure.

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