A five-pointed star hanging on the outside of a house has an interesting meaning.

If you spend any time driving around the Hudson Valley, you already know that we live in one of the world's most beautiful places!! We have some amazing views, incredible backroads to get lost on, and if you pay attention to your surroundings while driving around, you will most likely come across a house that has a five-pointed star hanging from it. I've seen them on houses in Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, all over Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster counties. Do those stars have special meaning?


Does a 5 Pointed Star Mean You're a Swinger?

Through the years, the rumors of what a star like this means has changed. Many years ago, many thought that any house that had a 5 pointed star anywhere outside of their house meant that the owners of the house were "swingers", meaning that they were open to sharing their spouses with others. That rumor was started back in 2007 by a couple online and according to the website Distractify, seeing a five-pointed star on a house doesn't mean the owners are swingers, neither do pink flamingos, pampas grass, or pineapples.

What do the Stars Really Mean?

From what we can tell, stars like this have different meanings in different parts of the country. The stars originated from German settlers and became popular in Pennsylvania in the 1700s with folks hanging them to show their patriotism and to bless their home and land with good luck.


Colored Stars on a Barn Have Special Meaning

If you happen to see a colored star on the outside of a barn in the Hudson Valley, pay attention to the color of the star because each one has a special meaning according to the website Jollie Primitive.

What a Colored Star on a Barn Means

Black- protection.
Blue- peace, calmness, and spirituality.
Brown- friendship and strength.
Green- growth, fertility, success in things, and ideas that grow.
Orange- abundance in career, and projects.
Red- passion, charisma, and creativity.
Violet- things that are sacred.
White- purity.
Yellow- health in body and mind, and connection to God.

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