You may have seen some electric scooters buzzing around New Milford back in September and October. Now, the town is considering making them a permanent fixture come spring and summer.

It was a four-week trail program for the residents of New Milford. The town had partnered with Lynx City Electric Scooters of Bethel, which used New Milford to pilot the electric scooter rentals.

The trial program was so successful that the New Milford Town Council are considering bringing the scooters back long term.

With more than 500 rides taken in just the first two weeks of the test run, Mayor Pete Bass told about the impressive numbers when it came to scooter rentals.

Users would rent the scooters with a smart phone app and can be picked up and dropped off at docking stations around the town. It costs 23 cents per minute, $25 per day or $50 per week to rent the scooters.

The Mayor is looking at all options when considering the towns long term commitment to the scooters:

I've heard mixed feedback from the community about the scooters, with some people saying the green and the roads were already too crowded, while others thought it was a great addition. One man who lives by the Children’s Center told me he uses the scooters to go to the grocery store because he doesn’t have a car. It’s something as a council that we need to look at.

There's still a lot of discussion to come regarding these scooters before the town would implement having them available all the time, but the Mayor did say that the town would not make a final decision without public input, and the town council would also request members of the scooter company coming to public meetings to answer residents questions. As Mayor Bass put it:

I think these are all opportunities, nothing’s set in stone.


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