Today was the day that the building that housed Elan's gentlemen's club on Federal Road in Danbury met the wrecking ball.

As previously announced, Ingersoll Automotive of Danbury purchased the property earlier in the Summer with the intent of tearing the longtime nightclub down. According to President Todd Ingersoll, the property will allow the dealershiop the flexibility for expansion.

Ingersoll Automotive posted a series of videos on their Facebook page today showing the demolition of Elan's. The three combined videos cover about a half hour of time, and it's amazing how quickly a building can come down. In that half hour about a third of the building is reduced to rubble.

Prior to becoming Danbury's last strip club, Elan's was a more traditional nightclub, operating as Promises and City Limits. Elan's lasted 25 years as a strip club before the previous owners closed up shop and sold the property in July.

It seems unlikely that Danbury will get another strip club anytime soon, as zoning restrictions have tightened up considerably over the years.

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