There wasn't anything good about waking up at 4 AM today, my first day back at work after Daylight's Saving Time. Tomorrow though, if you're an early riser, we're going to have a rare celestial treat in the skies over Connecticut during the ride into work - A Blood Moon.

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Tomorrow morning (Tuesday November 8, 2022) between 3:02 and 6:42 AM, a total lunar eclipse is happening, and from what I can tell from the latest forecast, we should have perfectly clear skies across Connecticut. According to NASA, this is your last opportunity to see a total lunar eclipse here in Connecticut for 3 years, the next one will occur March 14, 2025.

I'm not NASA, but I can tell you that what you'll be seeing. A lunar eclipse happens during the alignment of the sun, earth, and moon. During this alignment, the moon will pass through, and be obscured by, the earth's shadow. The earth's shadow casts a shade of red over our normally milky white moon, hence the name Blood Moon.

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Getty Images

The best time to check out the total lunar eclipse tomorrow morning will be between 5:17 AM and 6:42 AM, that's when the moon will pass through the darkest part of the earth's shadow.

So early riser, if you're on the way to vote early tomorrow morning when they open up at 6 AM, look up at the Blood Moon and see if it's sending you a special eclipse message which will help you decide between Ned and Bob. Stranger things have happened.

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