• Don’t park the car in the same spot each time. Change its position each time you park to prevent displacement.
  • Remove sharp objects from the blacktop to avoid indentations.
  • Turning the wheels of your car sharply when the car is standing still can cause surface scuffing. Start the car moving before turning your wheels.
  • Don’t allow weeds to grow around the edges of the driveway. Weeds can actually lift the edges or grow right through the black top.
  • When plowing your driveway, make sure that the blade is kept high enough above the surface to prevent gouging and scratching.
  • Don’t allow gas or oil to spill on your driveway. It will dissolve the asphalt, making it unsightly.
  • Park away from the edges of your driveway unless it is contained inside a concrete or stone curb. Parking close to the edge can weaken the driveway.

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