My brother Steve and his family live on Kissawaug Road in Middlebury, and as I pulled into their driveway last night, they were all standing around at the end of their driveway, motioning for me to come over and see what was causing a stir. A really big female Common Snapping Turtle had chosen a little hill at the end of my brother's driveway as her nest, and she was laying eggs into a hole that she had dug out with her hind legs.

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This is not the first time that "Turtle", as my nephew Mark has named her, has laid eggs at this very spot. It's become an annual event. It's so cool to see such a beautiful, powerful creature in a trance, exhausted after so much work. I got up as close as she would let me, probably 3-4 feet, I didn't want to be a pest and disturb her, but I took an up close photo.

Photo by Large "Bog Dweller" Dave
Photo by Large "Bog Dweller" Dave

According to the State of Connecticut DEEP, now through July is the prime nesting season for many species of turtles here in Connecticut. During this time, females travel great distances to find that perfect spot that they feel comfortable enough to lay their eggs.

Connecticut's landscape if so fragmented by roads and development, that if you see a turtle crossing a roadway, please stop, slow down, and let the turtle cross. It really may be the difference between life and death.

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