I found news that brought joy to my morning and I hope it brings some to yours, too. In January, we wrote an article about a dog that was abandoned on the side of the road in Branford and was left in terrible condition. A jogger found him on the side of the road and when found, he had frostbite on his paws, was 20 pounds underweight, pressure sores from being crated, and more. This post was from when he was originally found:

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford took the dog in, named him Lincoln, and needed to keep him to nurse him back to good health. As of Tuesday, March 2, the animal shelter made a post with some terrific news. The post reads, "Who is ready for some terrific Tuesday news? Annndd just like that, Lincoln is in his forever home!" They made a video honoring his journey and all that he came to be during his rehabilitation with the shelter and Madison Veterinary Hospital.

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Lincoln is back to good health, with a new family, and living the life he deserves. He also looks so happy! (See main photo) What is better than that? One more piece of good news - the suspect in connection with abandoning the dog has been arrested.

According to Fox 61, an arrest warrant was was issued for Bless Rivera on one count of animal cruelty, and that warrant was executed on March 2.

I'm so happy that Lincoln's story ended positively. It is so nice to see that he has a new forever home, he is healthy and that the person accused of doing this to him is being held accountable for it.

It never made sense to me that people get dogs and treat them poorly. How can you do that? Anyways, I'm glad I was able to report great news to you all today. I hope this makes you smile too.

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