Last night, my husband did something that absolutely appalled me.You think you know someone, and then they do something so shocking that you begin to question everything that you knew, or thought you knew, about them, about yourself, about life.

We were watching TV, and I handed him an Oreo cookie. I took one for myself, and began the ritual. I twisted it apart, and ate the cookie with no cream first. Then I ate the second side like a frosted cookie. And, let's get one thing straight, my cookie was separated into two halves. Like it's supposed to be eaten!

In my peripheral vision, I see my husband, the man I love and thought I knew, eating the Oreo intact. Intact! There was no twisting, no pulling apart of any kind. When I was finally able to speak, I asked him, "What did you just do? Did you really just eat that Oreo without twisting it apart?" Do you know what he said to me? He said NOTHING! He kind of just looked at me ever so briefly, and turned his eyes, once again, to the comic on our television screen.

I couldn't let this drop there. I had to take this further. The very next day, I brought 3 different varieties of Oreos into the radio station. I had to see if my co-workers were well versed in the art of eating the sandwich cookie. I said nothing. I just had them pick the Oreo they wanted, and watched. Take a look!

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