She was 38, suffering from malnourishment, and weighing in at 350 pounds due to an unusual condition, doctors say.

An anonymous Connecticut woman had one of the biggest ovarian tumors the world has ever seen, and had it safely, surgically removed recently in Danbury Hospital during five hours of surgery according to the Patch.

CNN quotes a gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Vaagn Andikyan at the hospital as saying:

During the surgery, we removed this gigantic tumor that originated from her left ovary. We removed her left ovary, her left (fallopian) tube, and we removed the affected peritoneal tissue that was adhering to the ovary.

An entire team of doctors and staff at Danbury Hospital saved the woman’s life with this operation on Valentine’s Day, Feburary 14th of this year. Thank goodness the tumor was not cancerous. The tumor caused her to gain 10 pounds a week, over two months. Even though it was not cancerous, it was still a danger to her.

The chairman of obstetrics and gynecology of Western Connecticut Health Network, Dr. Linus Chuang, who was involved with the surgery stated:

There were a lot of issues related to this very large tumor in the abdomen. She can't eat, she can't walk, and there are problems related to potential complications with this large mass compressing the venous system…She was at very high risk of developing blood clots because of compression of the blood flow.

Thankfully, she’s now expected to be back to normal with no complications in the future, recovering fully.

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