With Father's Day almost here, it's time for that age-old question, ladies. Do you prefer the Dad Bod or the Muscle Bod? Here's your chance to vote and be heard.

According to a new survey just out by prnewswire.com, more women prefer the dad-bod to the fit bod. That's right, 69% of women think a "dad-bod" is sexy and 63% prefer a dad-bod over a guy who's in crazy good shape.

The study defined "dad-bod" as "relatively fit, but neither lean nor muscular."  So not too chubby, but also not ripped or even toned at all.

Here are four more stats from the survey:

1.  78% of women think a dad bod is a sign that a guy's comfortable in his own skin.

2.  47% of women agreed the "dad-bod" is the new six-pack.

3.  80% of women said they'd be proud to be married to a guy with a dad bod.

4.  92% of married men with a dad-bod said they're HAPPY with their marriage, 86% are happy with their life in general, and 61% said they're proud of their body.

So what do women in Connecticut and New York really want? It's time for you to vote. then listen to us Friday morning for the official results.

BONUS VIDEO: Who Has the BEST Dad Bod Around?

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