After the death of Dierks Bentley’s loyal pup Jake, fans probably wondered whether he’d ever bring another furry friend into the family. But there’s always enough love to go around, so Bentley’s family just welcomed a new dog into their lives: Patch Adams.

The Nashville Humane Society posted a photo of Bentley and his family on adoption day with their pup, whom the Society appropriately calls Patch Adams — a shaggy brown, black and white dog with floppy ears and a patch over his right eye.

Bentley’s kids look thrilled to bring home a new friend … and so do the grown-ups. Check out the new family of six in the adorable photo above.

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After spending some time getting to know Patch, Bentley will have to get back on the tour bus for the rest of the recently extended What the Hell World Tour, featuring Jon Pardi. It now wraps in August. On one tour stop, the pair treated their audience to a cover of George Strait’s “All My Exes Live in Texas” — after Bentley outed Pardi as a former model.

Bentley is taking on his second stint as co-host of the ACM Awards on April 2 alongside Luke Bryan. They’ve warned they’re planning a major wardrobe malfunction in case of any screw-ups.

“We have a plan,” Bentley jokes. “Luke’s going to have a wardrobe malfunction. At least that way everyone talks about that and not the show.”

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