I just read an article on 10viral.net that made me say, "Yes! Finally, someone gets it! I'm a f-----g genius."

I then looked around and noticed several of my co-workers staring at me in awe. Not the good kind. Nope. The type that says, "wow, who are you, really?"

This article states that many intelligent and clever people often use bad language (gasp) and have messy desks. It went on to say that the IQ levels of these individuals is much higher than others and that a messy desk is a true sign of intelligence.

This blurb led me to Psychologicalscience.org. They did extensive research and tested individuals who are organzied and those who are not. They came to the following conclusion:

Overall, participants in the messy room generated the same number of ideas for new uses as their clean-room counterparts. But their ideas were rated as more interesting and creative when evaluated by impartial judges.

To those of you who are like me, you're welcome. To those who are not, I've got several words but I can't print them here.

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