So every year when the weather starts to heat up, my wife has a little game she plays to see how long we can go before turning on the air conditioning.

This year, the game is on already since it got really hot over the weekend and more heat is expected this week as well.

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Now the reasoning does make a lot of sense, why use all that electricity and then get a massive Eversource bill at the end of the month. However, I'm not the kind of person that takes too kindly to the heat. Once the temperature in the house gets above 80, I'm done and am looking for some cool relief, but that's not something my wife wants to hear.

This past weekend, with the searing heat, things got pushed to the limit. Who would cave first? I'll tell you it wasn't going to be my wife.

So with the floor fans and ceiling fans blasting in every room, we took on the heat and I have to admit it wasn't that bad, so I knew I would be able to hold out. My wife had that look of a woman on a mission, but twice over the weekend she was the one close to caving, but after a momentary lapse of reason she dug deep and the A/C Gestapo was back in full effect.

She was so proud of her accomplishments in not caving, that she took to posting on Facebook asking some of her friends if they caved. Here are some of the responses she got, names have been left out to protect the innocent.

"I so want to cave. It is 90 in my house. Fan with ice behind me and enjoying the breeze"

"Hell yes - a/c has been on for a couple of days"

"Turned it on DAYS ago"

"Central air is on. My husband would have a fit if he walked into an 85 degree house after working outside in the heat all day"

"Life is short, enjoy the air conditioning"

"I did cave. Well just for the bedroom anyway"

"Ours is on, has been for a week lmao"

"Ours has been on for weeks.. Life is too short to be uncomfortable in your own house, even for 10 minutes"

So fueled by some of the comments, you knew there was no way after all that she would cave. Actually, the entire rest of the family is basically afraid of the wrath that would reign down upon them if anyone even went near that "on button".

So here we are, who's going to hold out the longest? Who's going to be the last one standing and dripping sweat? I can tell you one thing, if it gets hot again this week, which is predicted in the forecast, there's no way that I'm not taking advantage of that "on button", and yes I'm prepared for the consequences.

So did you cave yet? Let me know with a comment here or on Facebook so I can show my wife.

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