If it's happened to you, colliding with a deer while driving is a terrifying and expensive experience.

Most of the time, the deer comes out of nowhere and within 10 seconds, your car has a couple of thousand dollars worth of body damage. Those damn deer don't even care. They want you to know who's the boss.

Occasionally, when we're out for the evening and pull into our driveway after dark, we're welcomed by a family of deer in our front yard, just hangin' out, and have the nerve to look at us like we're disturbing their dumb deer get-together. I think one of them might have given me the middle hoof.

Dawn and dusk are the times of day when deer are the most active, from 5 to 8 am and from 5 to 8 pm. While you're driving during these times, AAA Insurance recommends you do the following.

  1. Continuously scan the road for signs of animals.
  2. Use your high beams whenever possible.
  3. Watch for other deer. If you see one standing near the road, slow down immediately, there's likely to be others.
  4. Lean on your own for one long blast.
  5. DO NOT SWERVE if impact is imminent. Brake firmly and stay in your lane.
  6. WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT! Most animal vs car injuries occur when the driver is not wearing a seat belt.

Every once in awhile you see some teenaged deer hangin' out near the road with his buddies drinkin' a couple of Deer Beers when he decides to do something stupid. Check out the video.

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