If you were watching Jeopardy! last night, you saw that Fran Fried of Prospect, CT took a big gamble. Unfortunately, that gamble didn't work out so well.

Patch.com reports that before the final question was revealed, Fried bet all of her $12,300 pot. At this point, she was tied with fellow contestant, Carlos Nobleza Posas, who also bet $12,300.This is getting exciting now, isn't it?

The winner also made their wager and the final answer was revealed:

This country bordered the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf...

Fried wrote down her answer — "What is Tibet?"

WRONG! But Carlos Nobleza Posas didn’t write down the right response either. Now, Fried and Nobleza Posas were tied with $0. Then, something really unusual happened. The winning player also got the question wrong. However, he wagered enough money to leave $1 and won the game. That's right, the Jeopardy! champ last night won one whole dollar. That leaves one to wonder, what IS the country that borders the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf? Give Up? If you were a contestant on Jeopardy! last night and wrote down "What is Iran?", you would be walking away with a lot more than $1.

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