You can audition from your house!!

Beacon, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, and Kingston have all been locations that moviemakers have decided to use as the backdrop for their movies. Those are just a few of the great places that have been selected for filming and now your home could be the next big place in a movie....kind of. Let me explain...

A Hudson Valley casting company is searching for a person to fill a speaking role in an upcoming movie that's filming in the Albany area and the audition process is about as easy as it gets. The movie is titled "Brother's Blood" and the Hudson Valley Casting Company is looking to fill the role of "Dale" by asking anyone interested to record themselves at home and then submit their audition online.

The casting call is an open call for anyone within 2 hours of the Albany area. They are specifically looking for locals to audition and are paying $686 per day to anyone who is booked to work.

How to Audition From Home

You'll need a phone that can record video, a person that can play the other part in the scene, and YOU! To record yourself the casting company has some specific instructions to follow...


Here's the Script to Read From

The casting company is asking anyone ready to read for the role of Dale to audition with what is pictured below. They also ask that everyone "focus on the connection with the other person in the scene as we want to see the nuanced reactions. Keep it real."

HV Casting
HV Casting

The deadline to submit your audition is Friday, May 20th and the casting company is reviewing the auditions on an ongoing basis. Casting decisions will be made fast so don't wait any longer! get more information and submit your audition online here. If you are hired for this production you will need to present vaccination cards that will be checked by their Covid -19 team.

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