Now you can capture a memory that will last forever while shopping for eggs and milk at the Danbury Stew Leonard's. The local grocery giant has installed a free selfie station.

From the looks of it, the screen is low enough for your kids to take the controls which means a stream of hilarious photos that feature mom and dad with their mouth wide open. When we take the picture, they are never ready, but now the tables have turned.

This begs the question; what Stew Leonard's product might you hold in your hand while snapping your shopping selfie? My friend Joey and I were talking about it, and he chose the apple fritters and tomahawk rib-eye. The rib-eye is a fantastic idea, but you have to hold it like a weapon and scream like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

I'd have to go with the Stew Leonard's cookies. They make better cookies than anyone in this country and I love them all. I eat the chocolate chip, I get wild with the oatmeal, the brownie cookies, you name it. I'd also take a selfie with their apple cider holes or their cookie dough.

If you think you are too cool for a selfie at Stew's, fine. Be that way. Just forget about it and go on with your life. But one day, you'll be walking through the store, forget we had this conversation and you'll happen upon the selfie station. My money is on you taking a selfie.

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