There's a bit of good news from the State of Connecticut for weary downtown Danbury commuters who are sick of getting stuck in the crushing traffic on Main Street and Osbourne Street in town.

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Governor Ned Lamont has announced that the Connecticut Department of Transportation is awarding $24 million dollars to fund 10 transportation projects aimed at improving air quality here in Connecticut, and Danbury is set to receive a piece of that $24 mil to the tune of $1,250,000.

The City of Danbury will use those funds to coordinate the traffic signals, improve traffic flow, and reduce congestion and delays on Rt. 39 (Main Street) and Rt. 53 (Osbourne Street). Danbury was the only city in Western Connecticut out of the 10 Connecticut cities announced to receive a portion of the $24 million from the Feds.

Greenwich and Bridgeport will each receive $4 million for similar improvements, while Hamden, Norwalk, Bristol, and Stamford will each receive $3+ million dollars in Federal funding. Ansonia will receive $427,600, Canton $40,000, and West Hartford a tiny bite of $20,952, all three cities will use those funds to install electric vehicle charging stations.

According to the Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont:

"These strategic investments will not only help eliminate traffic bottlenecks in certain communities and build out electric vehicle chargers in others, but they will also help move Connecticut towards cleaner air and a cleaner transportation system. Technology in transportation can help unlock climate solutions for our state. By reducing air pollution in communities most impacted by it's harmful effects, we can better deliver transportation equity and ultimately, better health outcomes for the people of Connecticut."

Only time will tell if this alleviates some of the traffic that's been backing up onto I-84 from the Exit 5 area. We'll see.

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