There was a gruesome discovery made last night on Mill Plain Road in Danbury. According the Danbury Police Department, at 7PM last night, Thursday April 8, 2021, Danbury police received a call from someone that they had found a possible body submerged in water, described as a retention pond, near the entrance to the neighborhood at 55 Mill Plain Road.

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Responding Officers confirmed the report, and Danbury Police investigators, the DPD Dive Team, and Danbury Fire Department members were all summoned to the scene. A deceased, unidentified adult, white male was discovered at the scene and removed from the water.

According to the release, the state medical examiner has not determined the cause of death as of yet, but a preliminary investigation did not reveal any apparent signs of trauma. The incident remains under investigation and Danbury Police are awaiting the results of more testing in order to determine the man's identity and cause of death.

This is a pretty busy area of Mill Plain Road, the retention pond is located right at the entrance of the Westwood Village Condo neighborhood, not too far from where Dolce Restaurant, Avis Rental, and Danbury Tattoo are located.

This is a developing story and we will update it with any further information.

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