Recently, the Danbury Police Department announced they have seen an increase in vehicle break ins in the city. In a Monday (3/25/24) Facebook post they made the following statement:

"The Danbury Police Department has seen an increase in vehicle break ins in the area. Many vehicle burglaries occur as a result of vehicles being left unlocked. The best way to prevent vehicle burglaries is to remove all of your valuables, lock your vehicle’s doors upon exiting and take the keys to the vehicle inside your residence. When you turn in for the night, take a few minutes and complete the #9PMRoutine."

What is the 9pm Routine?

The Danbury Police Department is asking residents to make an appointment every night at 9 pm, they are calling it #9pmRoutine. The Department wants everyone to observe the following steps:

They want everyone to set an alarm on their phone for 9pm each evening and when that alarm rings, you should:

1. Empty mailboxes and retrieve all packages from your porch.

2. Remove valuables from all family vehicles, lock them and close all garage doors.

3. Make sure valuables are not visible from outside your home.

4. Close and lock all ground floor doors and windows.

They say the five minutes you spend on this routine each night can save you hours, days, weeks, months and years or heartache. #9pmRoutine.


It's obnoxious that these ass clowns (thieves) have no limits anymore, annoying that people think they can take the things you worked hard for but the best way to get them where it hurts is to make their job that much harder.

I don't get it, how hard is it to work for a living? I'm being dead serious, crime really seems far more difficult and hazardous than just getting a 9-5 gig and calling it a day.

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