Danbury Police Department and Danbury citizens joining together for better understanding. I call that a win-win all the way around. Here's how you can get involved in a great local program.

I have the utmost respect for police departments everywhere. What these men and woman do everyday to keep communities safe is admirable. Willingly putting their lives on the line for civilians daily. Now I know there will always be some controversy surrounding the job of policing, and that's where a fantastic program sponsored by the Danbury Police Department comes in.

The Danbury Police Department invites city residents, as well as business owners in Danbury and people who work in the city, to be a part of the 25th session of the department's Citizen’s Police Academy.

Here's the notice from the Danbury Police Department's Facebook page:

According to the department's press release:

The mission of the Citizen’s Police Academy is to foster an enhanced understanding and cooperation between the department and the community that we serve.Our objective is to provide interactive instruction in many basic police department tasks as well as provide an opportunity for individuals to role play and have hands-on experience with the tools of the police trade.

I spoke with Lt. Daniello of the police department's community services division and he told me that while space is filling up the deadline has been extended. You can link to and print the application here. The sessions begin Tuesday March 14 and run until May 23. Don't miss this opportunity to join together with Danbury Police officers and the department to make a real difference in the place you call home.


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