The Danbury Police Department announced the arrest of a Beacon Falls man after reporting a video voyeurism incident in the female locker room of a local manufacturing business.

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According to a post on the official city of Danbury Police Department Facebook Page, on Saturday, January 30, 2021, the Danbury Police Department placed Matthew Aaron Cooper, 31, of Beacon Falls under arrest. Cooper's arrest came after the Danbury Police investigated an incident that occurred at Cooper's workplace which is a local, unidentified manufacturing company.

Danbury Police Department
Danbury Police Department

According to the report from Detective LT. Mark Williams, as reported by Officer C. Marino, Cooper is accused of placing a video recording device in the female locker room of his workplace. A fellow female employee found the device hidden in the locker room, and was somehow able to link it to Cooper.

The female employee then notified her supervisor, who in turn, notified the Danbury Police. During the ensuing investigation, officers were able to discover evidence that led them to believe that Cooper had placed the recording device in the locker room to catch his fellow female employees on video as they undressed.

Based on their investigation, Danbury Police placed Cooper under arrest, and took him into custody. Cooper was charged with 1 count of Criminal Attempt to Commit Voyeurism and 1 count of Disorderly Conduct. Cooper was released after posting bond, and will be appearing in Danbury Superior Court to face the charges at a later date and time.

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