Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was interviewed on a local radio station on Wednesday (8/5/20) to react to the impact of Tropical Storm Isaias on Danbury, CT. When asked about when the power would come back, the Danbury Mayor had this to say:

If anybody sees Neversource, let me know, 'cause they are not in Danbury. Well, they changed the name, remember after the last fiasco, they were Northeast Utilities and they were like we gotta rebrand, we gotta rebrand. They are going to have to rebrand after the billing debacle and this nightmare.

When asked about if the Mayor's office has any contact with Eversource, this was Mark Boughton's response:

We do, I think our contact is on vacation, so that's great, but we do have a stand in contact, and it's just, you know, there's 500,000 people without power so everybody, there's a crisis, it has to get done right away. I will say, our crews have been out all night long, they've cleared every road that they can. They currently have wires tangled with the trees so we can't touch them until Eversource shows up and shuts off the power.

Mayor Mark was asked again about when he thinks power will be restored to Danbury and he replied:

By the weekend for most people, I think. There is a lot of damage to a lot of these lines, some people you can just flip a switch, but most people will be by the weekend, maybe Sunday night.

Not long after the interview, the Danbury Mayor tweeted this:

Yesterday, we posted updates on projections for city cleanup and featured this tweet from the Mayor who, even in the middle of the storm, was clear to point out it may take a bit to dig out from this.

This is the phone number to contact Eversource about your power outage 800-286-2000.

If you would like to listen to the full interview, you can listen here:

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