All I ever walk out of convenience stores with are plantain chips and delicious Coca-Cola. That wasn't the case for a Danbury man last night.

CT Lottery's list of winners grew last night (December 6) by one when Bruce Smith of Danbury was announced as the latest winner in the CT Lottery's Lucky For Life drawings.

Smith purchased his ticket at Tropical Deli at 79 Lake Ave in Danbury. Just imagine that, you walk into a deli, grab a delicious sandwich and on a whim, buy a scratch off and hit. The American dream right there. Smith will now collect $7,500 a month for the rest of his life.

And just because I know you're doing it in your head like I just was, I'll do the math for you, that means that Smith will collect $90,000 a year before taxes. Tack on an additional $1,875 a week for life, and see how much your life improves. $1,875 would cover basically all of my monthly living expenses in one week, the rest is gravy.

Congratulations on all of that extra gravy that you'll be seeing from now on, Mr. Smith.

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