Students, faculty, parents, and the entire Danbury community are a lot more at ease this afternoon (Dec. 3), as the Danbury Police Department has confirmed that a potentially terrifying incident turned out to be a false alarm.

According to a social media post from the City of Danbury, the report of possible gunfire this morning at Danbury High School brought a temporary shelter in place order, and a massive police presence on campus, but, according to Danbury Police Chief Ridenhour, no evidence has been found to support the complaint.

Chief Patrick Ridenhour of the Danbury Police Department has just released a statement detailing what occurred this morning via the City of Danbury's social media account. At 7:55AM, Danbury emergency dispatch received a complaint of shots being fired at Danbury High School. Officers that were already on scene, and numerous patrol officers were immediately dispatched to investigate.

"There were no injuries and at this time we have found no evidence of shots fired on campus or in the surrounding area," said Chief Ridenhour. "Out of an abundance of caution the school went into shelter in place which has since been lifted."

We've received multiple reports from local residents who have ties to the school stating that Danbury High School officials dismissed students at noon on Friday out of further abundance of caution.

It's important to remember that with incidents like this one, many rumors can pop up and travel fast across the internet, specifically social media. While the community's concern is, of course, understandable, sharing unsubstantiated information can potentially cause much more harm than good.

In this case, all's well that ends well, and as we head into the weekend, the Hat City remains one of the safest places in Connecticut thanks to the diligence of the Danbury Police Department and all of the faculty in the Danbury Public School System.

Danbury Area Residents Share Stunning Fall Sunset Photos for 2021

What is easier than driving all over the Danbury area collecting photos at sunset? Delegating that task, that is exactly what I did recently. I asked our Ethan and Lou Radio Show (I-95) listeners to submit the best photo they took of a 2021 fall sunset. I put the request out on our Facebook page and in an alert on the I-95 Rock Mobile app. These are some of the many submissions I got back and they are stunning looks at sunsets in the Greater-Danbury area.

The Charles Ives Center for the Arts - The Ives Concert Park - Danbury, CT

Drone Footage Captures Magical Essence of New Milford in Fall

Recently someone set out to capture the Essence and Magic of New Milford in the fall and they nailed it. New Milford is beautiful from the ground but has another level of elegance from the sky. These are images taken from a drone over New Milford in Fall of 2021. 

Esposito VS. Alves: A Complete Breakdown of Danbury’s 2021 Mayoral Race

Voting in a local election is one the best ways to express your beliefs and immediately impact the world around you but how can you really know a candidate from a few quotes in the local newspaper? You can't.

The paper cannot give you a sense for the candidates personality nor can they show you how the person performs under pressure. A radio interview is a much more intimate thing and you can learn who your local candidates are on a deeper level.

In the weeks leading up to the 2021 Danbury Mayoral Election, we believe we have provided Hat City voters with an unbiased view of their options. Each Friday we brought Roberto Alves and Dean Esposito on the Ethan and Lou Show and asked them both the same questions.

Because the person who goes last, has the ability/advantage of answering to the first candidate, we would alternate the order every few weeks. We did not endorse either candidate, we simply gave an even portrait of the two men, their politics and their vision for Danbury.

This is a look back at the I-95 Election coverage for you to review the day before Election. Below you will be given an excerpt from each article we did with the candidates and a link that can redirect you to the full article. Most of the articles include full interviews we conducted with your candidates, Vote tomorrow, it matters.

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