OK, folks, time to get all those plants inside and get those delicate shrubs protected, because we're gearing up for the first fall frost of the season.

Now, I'm thinking to myself, isn't this a little late for the first frost of the season? If you look at yearly statistics compiled by plantmaps.com, the average dates for our area to get that first frost is anywhere from October 1st through October 10th. You don't have to be an A plus student to realize that we are running a little behind schedule, but our Meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin from the Connecticut Weather Center, says that we're actually not really running that far behind when it comes to the first frost. Here's what he told me:

It's noteworthy because it's been so warm, but the frost is only about a week later then normal, which isn't all that unusual. We seem to be getting back to a more seasonal weather pattern. Usually, 62 degrees is where we should be around this time of year, however we have been about 10 degrees above normal for a few weeks now.

Bill said the frost will also make it look a lot more like fall around here as well.

The frost will also help the leaves change. The decrease in sunlight was giving us what we call a forced color change, now the frost along with less daylight hours will make the leaves change fairly quickly.

So as the temperatures start to cool off, and the leaves finally start to show their true fall colors, it can only mean one thing — the winds of change are blowing, and our weather patterns around here are getting back to normal.

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