The Danbury Fire Department had to respond to a unique situation a couple of days ago involving a cement truck and a Danbury Parking garage.

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According to a press release from the Danbury Fire Department, they responded to reports that a cement truck had fallen through a parking deck just before noon on Monday. It says "reports" so there must have been a few eye-witnesses to this event. When firefighters arrived they did an assessment and even though the truck fell through a portion of the concrete it was stable.

Danbury FD
Danbury FD

They did find some diesel fuel and hydraulic fluids that had leaked from the truck which they took care of so the tow truck with their 100-ton crane could do its job. Check out the Facebook video posted by the Danbury Fire Department showing the crane in action.

From the press release:

With all hazards secured and the fuel leak contained, the scene was turned over to the towing company. A 100-ton crane was brought in to remove the truck at the request of the parking deck owner. DEEP and OSHA have been notified

The operator of the vehicle had been struck when the cement truck fell through the parking deck and suffered injuries that were treated by EMS and at a nearby hospital.

Danbury FD
Danbury FD

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