Hey look at that, it's December 1, 2022. Some radio stations flipped formats this weekend, and all of your favorite holiday favorites are getting you in the mood, right?

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My favorite Christmas songs are The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping and Bing Crosby's version of White Christmas. I have the Christmas spirit, but I'm usually disappointed when I wake on Christmas morning. White Christmas? In Connecticut, it's usually 45 and sunny out.

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I started looking back, and I found that the last White Christmas in Connecticut was in 2017, when a measly inch of snow fell upon Hartford. Before that, I had to search all the way back to 2009 for a real snow storm, 5 inches fell in Bridgeport on 12-25-09.

What are the chances we'll have a White Christmas in 24 days? 2022 has been a very dry year, and the temps have been on a bit of a rollercoaster, to say the least. According to NOAA, who crunched the numbers of over 30 years of historical data, there's a 76-90% chance that Northwest Connecticut will have an inch or more of snow on the ground on 12-25-22. For those in Eastern Litchfield and Hartford Counties, your chances of a White Christmas stand at 61-75% chance.

And for those of us stuck along the Connecticut shoreline in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, the possibilities of a White Christmas 2022 hover in the 26-50% range.

The Farmer's Almanac White Christmas 2022 prediction for Connecticut is even worse - "Sorry snow lovers - your Christmas weather looks more wet than white! Showers in time for Christmas, then turning fair, colder."

I'm still dreaming.

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