It seems like it’s happening all the time these days and now, we may have another credit card data breach right here in our own backyard.

The latest breach belongs to one of the biggest affordable fashion chains in the nation, Forever 21. According to USA Today, they revealed that cardholder info could have been hacked from the time period of March through October of 2017 at certain stores. Authorities are instructing cardholders to thoroughly check statements.

If you have one of the credit cards with a chip in it, there’s a better chance that your information is protected, but the possibility of being affected still exists. It could take six months to a year for evidence of fraud to appear after it has occurred. So if you’ve shopped in the store at Forever 21 in the past year, be sure to be remember to check your statements. It’s tough to prevent this kind of stuff, but if you keep an eye on your statements any damage done can be remedied.

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