The closing of Babies ‘R' Us left a lot of parents and expecting parents in a lurch as far as where to get an array of baby items. It’s the quick thinking that the people at JCPenney have done that may be just the thing that turns their retail dynamic around, and brings them an increase in sales, as they take advantage of the Babies ‘R' Us closure. There are 500 JC Penney locations expanding their baby departments according to Business Insider.

The Danbury Fair Mall where the JCPenny is located is very close to where the shuttered Babies ‘R' Us is, so it looks like if this is one of the 500 locations chosen it will help a lot of people who used to shop there.

These newly improved sections will offer some bigger items, like cribs, high chairs, and strollers, that were previously only sold online, as well as a larger collection of baby apparel and baby-related products such as bottles, pacifiers, diaper bags, and bouncer seats.

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