A former Danbury Firefighter had the tables turned on him over the Holidays, when his home was destroyed by a fire. Now, the community is coming together to help him try and rebuild his life.

He's a City Council member and former Danbury firefighter, but it just so happens that Michael Esposito is in a position he had seen others in many times before. His home was destroyed in a fire just before the New Year.

Esposito told newstimes.com that the house is a total loss, and that he and his wife were able to find a few family photos among the ashes, but most of their belongings were destroyed.

City Council President Joe Cavo, a longtime friend of Esposito, expressed his concern for the situation Esposito is in right now:

Mike has a long road ahead of him, like most people who have to deal with a total loss of their home. It’s really sad and you hate to see that happen to anyone, but it's especially tough when it hits so close to home.

Joe also told me the community is in the process of setting up some fund raisers to help out the Esposito family.

Right now, the Wooster Hose Company Engine 5 on Coalpit Hill Road is doing a fund raising dinner on Friday, January 12, with all proceeds going to the family. Also, members of the Danbury Firefighters and their union are organizing other fundraisers within the next few days. The City Council members also chipped in some cash so they can buy some of the essentials they need to get them through short-term.

photo image courtesy of Danbury Fire Department visa Facebook
photo image courtesy of Danbury Fire Department via Facebook

Cavo also put things in perspective when looking at the big picture of this unfortunate situation:

Things can be replaced, but the best outcome in my book is that they got out alive. When it comes down to it, that’s what’s really important.

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