If you want to get away, Connecticut's Bradley International Airport keeps adding new services and routes during this Summer of 2021. It's great news if you're planning on a Fall/Winter 2021 getaway to Florida, (You say?). Bradley has just announced yet another new airline has started flying us Yankees down to sunny Orlando.

According to bradleyairport.com and the Connecticut Airport Authority, Sun Country Airlines, a Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota-based, 35-year veteran of the travel industry has added BDL - Bradley to MCO - Orlando. Sun Country Airlines offers more than 80 routes to 50 popular destinations across the US, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Sun Country Airlines already operates non-stop flights, as well as cargo and charter operations between Bradley and Minneapolis. I wrote an earlier article when the Minneapolis-Bradley flight was launched in May of this year. The new non-stop Sun Country flights between Bradley and Orlando, which just launched, is accepting reservations now and will operate twice a week, seasonally. They are:

  1. On Thursdays - BDL to MCO - 11:10AM Departure - 2PM Arrival
  2. On Sundays - MCO to BDL - 9:30AM Departure - 12:08PM Arrival

This is the fourth time that Bradley has added new routes this summer. The aforementioned addition of Sun Country flights to Minneapolis in May of 2021, and I wrote about Breeze Airways adding multiple non-stop flights to Columbus, Ohio, Norfolk, Virginia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in July, in addition to Breeze's already established route between Bradley and Charleston, South Carolina.

For those who are tired of the unpredictable New York City Metro traffic and its delays, Connecticut's Bradley International Airport and the very predictable Hartford traffic is calling out for your attention.

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