The holy trifecta of food-related crimes has hit Connecticut. Check your tickets and see if you had an alleged assault with steak sauce for the win, because that's exactly what reportedly went down early Saturday morning (Feb. 2) near the shoreline.

According to a post by, a 56-year-old Hamden, CT woman was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly beating the marinade out of one of her neighbors with a bottle of steak sauce.

During the reportedly zesty assault, the woman and her 55-year-old neighbor were allegedly involved in a verbal assault that turned into a donnybrook on Dix Street. That's when police say the spicy lady picked up a bottle of nearby steak sauce and hucked it into her neighbor's face, splitting her wide open. The bleeding neighbor was taken to Yale-New Haven hospital for treatment. Hopefully, she was released before overcooking under those hot hospital lights.

Who knew that when you really want your pain in the a-- neighbor to shut up, all it takes is a bottle of Heinz 57 and a strong throw to the face? Not me.

This is the third such food-related incident recently -- hence the holy trifecta. Earlier in December, I reported on a man in Milford being arrested after being refused extra mayo on his sangweech. Also, there was that incredibly strange incident involving a man having a go at himself with Maple syrup. Deliciously strange times, my friend.

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