Danbury Hospital will have to shell out $12 million to a woman from Redding, CT who almost died as a result of a hernia surgery that went wrong.

CTpost.com reports that in July of 2008, Vivian Gagliano went to Danbury Hospital for what was to be a laparascopic outpatient hernia surgery. Two days later, the patient lapsed into a coma when her heart stopped. She was rushed back into surgery where they found that her colon had been perforated. It was later discovered that during the original operation, the surgeon allowed one of the hospital's residency teaching team operate a special surgical device which had unknowingly cut Gagliano's colon.

Vivian Gagliano remained in a coma most of the 70 days that she was in Danbury Hospital. She had seven procedures to fix the botched surgery.

Although the Danbury Hospital appealed the original decision by the Appellate Court claiming that the evidence submitted at the trial was insufficient to reach a verdict, the Supreme Court upheld the $12 million verdict.

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