People seem to have an issue with wearing masks, whether it's at the office, at the mall, a grocery store, or at a restaurant/bar.

So with more and more people getting vaccinated, the big question on everyone's mind is how long am I going to have to wear this mask when I'm inside?

Governor Ned Lamont may have the answer once his control of the coronavirus guidance end on May 19.

According to, the Connecticut State Legislators will take over as all COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted at that time, but don't expect any changes to the indoor mask mandate.

The discussion, recently led by state officials, focused on wearing masks indoors and talking to business owners who are concerned about the spread and would rather see people wearing masks when inside their stores. The conclusion was that it would be best to help limit the spread of the virus by keeping the indoor mask mandate in effect until the state reaches herd immunity.

Herd immunity comes when anywhere between 70 and 90 percent of the population has either been vaccinated or has already had the virus and have recovered.

So for now, expect to continue to wear your mask while your indoors. The outdoor mask mandate does expire May 1 as long as you can still social distance when in those situations.

The final decision on indoor mask wearing will ultimately come down to the state legislature, who could vote to overturn the indoor mask mandate, or extend Governor Lamont's power to continue setting the guidance as we move forward.

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