CT has several semi-pro football teams in the ECFL, and the inaugural season for the new local team kicks off this Saturday (8/8/20) at 1 pm at 140 Memorial Drive in Danbury. The official name for the Danbury team is the CT Fire, and they will play the CT Thundercats (Trumbull) at John Perry Field. The CT Fire Head Coach is Dan Lacasky.

The East Coast Football League (ECFL) has three conferences and 15 teams.

The Northern Conference: 

  • Haverhill Hitmen
  • Granite State Destroyers
  • Golden Badgers
  • Marshfield Hurricanes
  • Brockton Bucs
  • RI Raiders

The Southern Conference:

  • RI Cowboys
  • Hartford Rebels
  • Silver City Wolves
  • CT Fire
  • CT Thundercats
  • CT Mustangs

The Independent Conference: 

  • Maine Machine
  • Jamaica Plain Huskies
  • New York Patriots

Here is the season schedule for our Danbury team The CT Fire:

  • 8/8 - Home - versus CT Thundercats
  • 8/15 - Away - versus CT Mustangs
  • 8/22 - Home - versus Silver City Wolves
  • 8/29 - Away - versus RI Cowboys
  • 9/12 - Home - versus CT Mustangs
  • 9/19 - Away - versus CT Thundercats
  • 9/26 - Home - versus Hartford Rebels

FB - @connecticutfire 

Personally, I'm excited because my friend's kid is on the team. My neighbor Bill's son, Billy Evans, will play wide receiver for The Fire. Billy Evans is a Danbury High School graduate (2018) and former member of the Hatters football team.

He's a good kid and a great young athlete, but his taste in music is tragically flawed. He also thinks he can beat me at basketball which is a problem for him, this will be a lesson he will learn the hard way.

Bill, it's not the "old man strength" that you should be concerned with, your real problem is that I don't miss. Bring help.

Photo: Bill Evans with permission
Photo: Bill Evans with permission
Photo: Bill Evans with permission
Photo: Bill Evans with permission

P.S. We are still living in a COVID-19 world, so if you plan on attending a game, wear a mask and stay six feet away from your fellow human. 

P.S. Number 2 - The Fire is already a better name and uniform than all the options I've seen floated for the Washington football team.

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