Get this: just published an article titled "The Definite and Final Ranking of all 50 States" which ranks Connecticut at number 44 of the 50 United States.

I could take the defensive mode, get all twisted, and spout off a few choice words to the author of that particular article. But, I will take the high road. The article seems to have a comedic, tongue-in-cheek vibe to it, and expects disagreements. This is the only explanation given for the poor position given to the Nutmeg State:

Inventing the cheeseburger, the can opener, ESPN, and Rick Mahorn can only get you so far. Also, we’re subtracting points for John Mayer and warm lobster rolls.

Why would you subtract points for John Mayer? He is an incredibly talented musician. As long as when he opens his mouth it is just to sing and not give an interview, we're good.

Warm Lobster Rolls? I'm sorry, is there something wrong with that? When we order our coffee, do they not ask if we want it hot or iced? We can't have that choice with Lobster Rolls? Choices, Ranking Person, it's all about choices.

All in all, the article was pretty funny and he obviously ranked his home state the best. Click here to see the complete rankings of all 50 states and tell me what you think.

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