According to the CT Post, two people were arrested on Monday after an inspection of a Torrington massage parlor.

Torrington Police, in coordination with the fire marshal, the state Department of Labor and Department of Health conducted what they called a random inspection of the Graceful Massage Spa.

The inspection turned investigation when authorities say they saw "suspicious activity" between a male patron and the spa owner. Robert Phillips of Brookfield was arrested and charged with patronizing a prostitute, and Ding Qingfen of Torrington was arrested for prostitution. Both were given court summons and released on a promise to appear.

In the report in the CT Post, the word "random" was used like three times as it related to the inspection of the massage parlor. I have a hard time believing that.

You don't coordinate the police department, State Department of Labor and the Department of Health for random inspections. So, I'm calling fooey on that. Not a big deal, I love the cops, it's just that you should not call it random when reasonable, intelligent AD-ults know full well that it is not true.

As for these massage parlors, they seem to be all over CT and reaching epidemic levels. An epidemic of happiness has swept through the Nutmeg state. I've always wondered how it works? Is there a code word you have to say so the "lady of the night" knows you are looking for something extra?

I'm not in the market for a prostitute but if I was I would be so nervous. I'd be worried about the prostitute and whether she was OK, if things were going well in her life, etc. I'd talk myself out of it and then back into it, ask her is she was comfortable. I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it. I don't think I am cut out to be a "John."

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