With just 23 days left to spare to claim his one million dollar lottery prize, Charles Dudley from Redding, Connecticut was cleaning excess items from his wallet, throwing away unwanted receipts, and coming across a ticket he had purchased earlier in the year. The ticket itself had been hidden between some old receipts according to The Providence Journal.

Mr. Dudley told lottery officials:
I checked the winning numbers on the lottery’s website and couldn’t believe it. I checked it over and over. The numbers were a match. It didn’t feel real, though, until I checked … where I bought my ticket.

He bought the ticket at the Georgetown Shell over in Wilton, Connecticut in early May. He also told lottery officials:

While I was there, I got a Powerball Quick Pick, put it in my wallet, and then forgot about it.

Thank goodness, In the nick of time he found it!

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