Connecticut State Police Troop C reports that they've arrested a 29-year-old Ashford man on numerous charges, including Criminal Attempt at Cruelty to Animals, after allegedly putting a State Police K9 in a headlock while trying to avoid capture.

The story starts at 7PM, Saturday evening, December 19, 2020, when Troopers from the CT State Police Troop C responded to a residence in Stafford, CT for a report of someone taking a motor vehicle without the owner's permission.

The complainant alleged that 29-year-old Joseph McCormack of Ashford had taken her Chrysler minivan without her permission, and had just returned with the vehicle. When Troopers arrived and tried to question McCormack, he fled on foot into the woods. CT Trooper Kaelberger and his partner K9 Drago tracked down McCormack about a mile and a half away, in a heavily wooded area. McCormack had attempted to bury himself in snow and brush, but was Drago sniffed him out.

After resisting verbal commands, McCormack attempted to flee, so Trooper Kaelberger unleashed Drago, who quickly caught up with the suspect. McCormack attempted to escape, and temporarily got Drago in a headlock, before the good boy got the upper fang, and stopped him for good.

McCormack was apprehended, treated for minor injuries, and is being charged with Criminal Attempt to Intentionally Injure a Police K9/Cruelty to Animals, Taking a Motor Vehicle Without The Owner's Permission, and 2 Counts of Interference with an Officer. McCormack was held on a $25,000 bond, and will appear in Rockville Superior Court to face the charges.

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