According to the Danbury News Times, a man in Bristol, CT has started a house cleaning company featuring maids dressed in costumes. The company, My Model Maid, lets customers choose from a variety of costumes they would like their maids to be dressed in including, French maid, Wonder woman, school girl, and cheerleader.

While people are free to go into whatever legitimate business they like -- that's the beauty of this country -- this one has come with critics. People have commented that it is demeaning to women, and that the people who hire them are perverted.

Listen, adults are allowed to choose what they want to do. This guy had a business concept and went out and proved there is a market for it. The ladies he has hired know what they are signing up for, and are willing to do it. The customers (I’m assuming mostly men) know who they are hiring, and that there is a cleaning job to do. Maybe one day this can be more of a family thing, and instead of cheerleaders and French maids we can have Pikachu’s, minions, and other kid friendly characters helping out around the house. Picture that -- a Minion bouncing around the house cleaning and having fun. What could be better?!

The NewsTimes story also says that the owner of My Model Maid is looking to audition the company for an episode of ABC's hit series, Shark Tank. Now, this is a whole other story.

I love the show and watch it regularly. If they are able to get through the audition process, which shouldn’t be too hard -- some really bad ideas have been passed along to The Sharks -- they have a real shot at getting a deal. They have a decent idea, proof of concept, and the manpower to do it. I think Kevin, one of the judges on the show, says it’s stupid because he can’t make enough money, so they’re dead to him. Robert will really like the idea, but won’t know the business, so he's out. It’s not sports or tech related, so Mark is out. Daymond is the clothing guy, so he might be intrigued by the costumes, but probably not. So, that leaves a fight between Laurie and Barbara, and I think Barbara wins because of her connection to New York and interest in the business.

Any way it works out, I wish him the best, because he has an idea and is running with it. I have seen worse ideas get deals, just hope he gets his time.

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