According to the NY Post, Governor Ned Lamont met with the nations top doctor yesterday (3/2/20) in Connecticut to discuss the coronavirus. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Ned Lamont and Senator Richard Blumenthal joined forces for a press conference in the Nutmeg state and unveiled the new recommended greeting, elbow bumping. Adams had this to say about shaking hands:

We should probably rethink the handshake for a while.

This is all in an effort to spread less germs and it's quite the plan. He (Adams) also suggested singing Happy Birthday while washing your hands. The group then demonstrated the new greeting, bumping elbows. Apparently we spread a lot of germs through shaking hands, fist bumping spreads less germs and the new elbow tap spreads even less germs.

Well color me reassured, this is one hell of a solution from our leadership. Add this spectacle to a long and growing list of stupid publicity stunts from our Governor. How is this for an idea, don't hold a press conference until you have a real plan to eradicate the coronavirus. This is the absence of a plan and looks ridiculous for everyone who attended.

The people we asked to lead us and protect us came together yesterday and told us to stop shaking hands. Well, problem solved, phew that was a close one. You know what spreads less germs than elbow bumping? Running like the wind in the opposite direction when you see another human.

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