CT Democrats released a statement Tuesday essentially saying they are not on board with Governor Ned Lamont's toll plan.

According to the WFSB, State Democrats support the Governor's drive to improve transportation infrastructure, but do not back his method to do so. House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz had this to say:

“We appreciate Gov. Lamont’s continued commitment to fixing Connecticut’s transportation system, our caucus feels strongly that we must make investments in our roads, bridges and trains to grow our economy, but that tolling cars is not the way forward.”

Truck tolls are not out of the question, however. State Democrats do support the truck toll portion of Lamont's plan. House Majority Leader Matt Ritter of Hartford believes truck tolls will make bring in the necessary revenue to improve transit in the state saying:

“Trucks do 80-percent of the damage to our roads and bridges and many come from out of state, we believe that truck-only tolls on select bridges, in a manner similar to what other states do, are legal and will provide Connecticut with the revenue stream needed to secure low interest federal transportation loans.”

I think it's hilarious that Ned's own party can see how bad his ideas are. He's a terrible idea robot bouncing off of walls saying things, bad things that are bad for the people of Connecticut. The guy will go down as the worst Governor the State has ever had and that is saying a lot. Needle Nose Ned, Ned the Head, hard at work, trying to accomplish things no one wants.

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