Shame on you sir, shame on you.

This story tops the creep list for sure. No one's privacy should be violated this way.

In a story from police are reporting that a man from Massachusetts who was volunteering with Emergency Medical Services in Connecticut allegedly took improper photos of patients riding in the ambulance he was volunteering on.

Authorities believe 21-year-old Christopher Barlow took pictures of patients while volunteering with Easton EMS. Add to the creep factor, the story goes on to say that he is also suspected of placing a hidden camera inside a bathroom at the EMS building. Police arrested Barlow on March 21 and charged him with two counts of voyeurism.

As if that wasn't enough, police also say Barlow is facing additional charges in connection with the theft of two firearms from a co-worker, providing a false statement on a firearm application, and forging documents to present himself as an Easton police officer. But wait, there's more!

It turns out Barlow that was indicted on charges last year after police said he falsely claimed to be a Homeland Security agent and stockpiled guns, ammunition and explosives.

In my mind, this guy raises all sorts of warning signs and shouldn't be out on bail. Sadly though he is. At least while he awaits a court date scheduled for April.

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