Aw man, just when I thought that there was no chance that I was going to pack on my usual 25 pounds on the Summer/Fall Fair food circuit, do we get more great culinary news. I just wrote an article yesterday about how the folks at the Bethlehem Fair are putting on a drive-thru food truck festival this coming weekend, when I saw a Facebook post from one of my old favorites, The Big E.

If you've never had a Big E Cream Puff, you're in for a delicious treat. I've eaten many over the years, and I can say for sure, believe the hype, they're that good. I don't think I've ever tried their eclairs, but I'll bet that they're going to be very tasty also.

So here's the nuts and bolts of it, so I can save you a click on the Big E website, this is a drive-thru event only, and they are offering a limited menu. The menu will change every weekend, it seems, because they are only posting the menu items a week out. The menu items are reasonably priced, with single Cream Puffs and Eclairs coming in at $5-$6 each. You have to enter the Big E fairgrounds via Gate 2 on Memorial Avenue in West Springfield, MA, then follow the signs to the bakery. Guests are asked to stay in their vehicles, and wear masks when interacting with staff. Online ordering looks like it will soon be available through their website.

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