Who would've ever guessed that Stew Leonard's could be the local place-to-be when in search of a match made in heaven? Perhaps the combination of edible cookie dough and a lack of artificial hormones has been serving as a natural aphrodisiac.

Whatever the reason may be, the world famous grocery store has played an integral role in the love lives of many local couples. According to a story on the Today Show's website, more than 100 couples who met each other at a Stew Leonard's store, have lived happily ever after. That is certainly one way to add a whole other level to the family-friendly atmosphere that the stores tout so proudly.

Aside from speaking with people that sparked relationships while working in various roles at Stew's locations in Newington and Norwalk, today.com interviewed two happy couples who met just down Federal Rd. at the Danbury store; Marlene and Anthony, who began working at Stew's in 1998 and began dating in 2003 before tying the knot in 2006, as well as Nicole and Art, who met at the Danbury store earlier in the '90s.

The interviews highlight the fact that both couples, Marlene and Anthony, and Nicole and Art, have not only maintained their own loving relationships with each other, but have climbed up the ladder at Stew Leonards, all currently working within different departments at the company. Even Nicole and Art's children have been getting in on the family fun, as most of them have worked at the Danbury store, dubbing the family the "Brady Bunch of Stew Leonard's."

Read each one of the Stew Leonard's stories of fate and love over at the Today Show's website, and if you're looking to make yourself some extra cash and perhaps finding your soul mate in the process, apply for a job at Stew Leonard's here. Whatever you do, however, don't you ever violate number three of the 10 Commandments of Stew Leonard's Danbury by shopping counter-clockwise through the store. EVER.

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