I was listening to a sports-talk podcast recently, and the host posed topic of new NFL franchises. In what cities could the NFL put new teams?

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The members of the show went around the room listing off cities that either made sense or had been rumored to be working on this in the past. Not surprisingly, major cities in Texas and Florida were mentioned.

It's at that point I wondered to myself, could Connecticut sustain an NFL franchise? Back in the day, former Governor John Rowland attempted to bring the Patriots here, and CT was infamously snubbed in favor of Foxborough, MA. That story embarrasses and aggravates Connecticut football fans to this day. CT is also well-known for losing its only pro-sports franchise, the Hartford Whalers.

Despite the unmitigated wealth and open space, CT doesn't seem to have the professional sports franchise elixir. That didn't stop me from asking my fellow CT residents. I brought the question to social media and got a lot of answers, most of them were "no" or "nope" but a few others had a theme that interested me. Below are some of those answers.

Chris F - "Yeah cuz we need to pay for a stadium too."

Karl M. - "They can't sustain a good living wage. F-- the NFL."

Russel N - "Team name options: The CT Ascot’s, The Fairfield Opulent, The Trumbull Trust Fund Babies, The CT Karen’s."

James H. - "Not a chance- The only difference between Connecticut and the Titanic was… the Titanic had a band."

Robert L.P. - "No way , We could not even hold on to a hockey team!"

Kristin G - "Rowland tried this with the patriots. Ct is not capable of keeping a team. They could not even keep the Whalers."

Justin W. - "Not sure Lou.Its possible. I'm a Giant fan but would jump on the ban wagon if they won a Superbowl, but I will immediately dump them the second they lose 1 game the following eeeeewwww. Lou I don't think anyone would support them."

If you can't recognize the theme, let me tie it all together for you, people hate CT. No matter what the topic is, you will get this and it's wild to me. You can ask any question about the State of Connecticut, and you'll get a lot of people dumping on the state, even if they have to go off-topic, to do it.

We've always been a bit tough, and a little negative but that is a Northeast theme in my mind, this is very specific to our state and I've noticed this kind of behavior trending up. After reading these reactions we brought this topic to my radio show. This is some of what we said about this on Thursday (5/12/22). CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN 

These were some of the messages we received in response to the segment:

Jo - "Hi Ethan and Lou I live in Vermont when you walk into a store they greet you with hey how are you doing with a big smile seems sincere but then I had a logger try to steal all my logs broke all the windows on my 5th wheel and cut all my new oak horse fencing and threaten to shoot me because I knew the value of the logs and I would not let him rob them for nothing yes people are crazy everywhere just insane." 

Beaker - Danbury - "Fortunately when my neighbors are watching around our neighborhood they still say hi , how are you , etc . But I see what you are talking about , people are much quicker to start and argument for basically no reason and just look pissed all the time ? And Ethan is totally right most people in the south are friendlier and much more respectful to others than around here . In my opinion." 

Dank - Norwalk - "I believe if Lou sees someone smiling in CT he would automatically think they are suspect and up to no good lol."

Cory - Oxford - "I moved here from the Midwest and have lived in 8 states including, Florida you say, and I have found people who live in CT to be somewhat nasty and brash always since I moved here but now I’m used to it and kind of love the brashness. But since cancel culture people have changed and not for the better." 

cowgirlpegped - Newtown - "If you don’t like it here get the hell out."

Otis Driftwood - Sherman - "I’m sure ole Neddy Lamont would love the taxes he could hit if ct had a football team."

Jay Cadmus - New Fairfield - "It’s a world full of people running around with sticks up their asses."

I think there is an all-time negativity about the State of CT and everything that goes on with it. I don't know exactly what to attribute this to but I field people's opinions for a living, and the opinions of CT people, about CT, are bad.

Drone Captures Crystal Clear Images of Brookfield From High Above

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The dramatic day became big news with locals sharing pictures and videos all over social media. While the Fire Departments were able to finish off the flames, the building was destroyed. 

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